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China Professional Roller Shutter Door Stamping Flange Bearing/Roller Bearing wholesaler

Product Description

1. Spring box are used for the Rolling Shutter Door, like Garage Door .


2. Made of general Q235 steel plate give to quality and durability.


3. Surface alvanized in silvery , which make the wheels perfectly resistant to fight against rust.

4. We also supply  hooks which used for the Spring Box

Packing size:46*28*15mm


1. Are you a factory or trading company?
HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Yongbida Hardware Factory is a professional manufacturer from ZheJiang province, we have high quality products of locks, spring box, door hardwares, other accessories, and so on.
2.Where is your factory?
Our factory is located in HangZhou, established in 1990s with 20000m2   and more than 60 employees in different departments , about 30minutes to the CBD of HangZhou and 1 hour to HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. international airport.
3.Can you produce the products as per customer design?
We started OEM and ODM business since 2007.  Please refer us samples or 3D drawing, we will offer the best prices for you.
4. How does your factory do regarding quality control?
We have staff to check every process, and each product will be inspected before packing by our QC staffs.
5. How about your packing?
Our products are packed with multi-packing to protect from the long-district transportation. EPE bag+ thick poly bag+ hardboard inner box +5-layer master carton.
Pallets are available if required, but the charge should be paid by you.
 6.How is your After-Sales service?
 Any defective products, Please send us the pictures of defective products to check. If the problem occurred by us, products can be returned, we will send you a replacement without extra fee.
7.May I get your sample for free to check before order?
Of course, free sample is available for checking, but you need to pay for the express cost, the delivery is about 2–4 days.
8.  How about your delivery day?
Usually our delivery time is about 30days after deposit.
9. How can I trust you in the first cooperation?
Firstly, samples can be sent to check our quality and you are welcome to visit our factory. 

10. If you have more questions,  just please contact us !

Kind: Rolling Door Accessories
Structure: Rolling Door Accessories
Open Type: Manual
Style: Modern
Usage: Rolling Doors
Material: Metal
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

Shaft Collar

How to Choose the Right Shaft Collar

A shaft collar is a small, inexpensive machine component that serves a variety of purposes in power transmission. It is most commonly used in gearboxes and motors. It can serve as a mechanical stop, bearing face, or locating component. Its simple design makes it easy to install. Here are some of the most common types and their functions.


Shaft collars are an important part of many mechanical systems. These devices hold mechanical components on a shaft and also help mount shafts on flat surfaces. They are available in many different styles, sizes, and materials. Selecting the right shaft collar is essential in preventing damage to components. Stafford Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of shaft collars and other related mechanical components, can help you choose the right one for your application.
There are two main types of shaft collars. The first is the Heavy Duty type. It has a larger outer diameter and wider opening. While this may seem to increase holding power, the problem with that is that it can reduce the amount of space the collar has on the shaft. On the other hand, the Thin Line type is similar, but is made with smaller outer diameters. Another type is the Threaded Bore shaft collar. These shaft collars offer exceptional axial holding power, and are designed to protect threaded shafts without causing any damage.
A shaft collar has many uses and is typically used in industrial applications. It can act as a spacer and to stop shaft movement in reciprocating applications. It can also be used to align and position parts of automation machinery.


There are several different types of shaft collars. These components are critical for a variety of applications, and their design plays a large role in the performance of the resulting product. To select the most appropriate collar, designers must consider several factors, including the style, material, bore size, and geometry of the shaft. Many manufacturers provide performance data, and users can contact them for assistance.
There are many different types of shaft collars, which make it important to understand how each one works and what applications they can serve. Fortunately, shaft collars are easy to install and require little maintenance. Whether you need to secure industrial railings or position medical equipment, shaft collars are a versatile component that can be tailored to meet your needs.
One type of shaft collar is the locking collar. This type of shaft collar has a threaded end that is designed to mate with spindle bearings. They offer an increased TIR than standard shaft collars and allow for precise preload control. They also feature slots for spanner wrenches.
Shaft Collar


Shaft collars come in a variety of sizes. You can get a small diameter shaft collar for small equipment, or a large diameter shaft collar for larger equipment. Both styles are made from solid steel, and they come in several thicknesses. You can choose between one-half inch and six-inch collars, depending on your needs.
There are no specific standards for shaft collars, but most manufacturers have similar designs. They’re either single-point faced or double-split, and can be fine or coarse threaded. They’re often used as mechanical stops, bearing faces, or as locating components. Their bore is either fine or coarse, and their outside diameter and width are determined by the shaft diameter.
Shaft collars are commonly found in mechanical and automation equipment. These ring-shaped devices hold motor components, sprockets, and bearings in place. They also allow them to be adjusted and positioned precisely. A shaft collar is often used to connect the end of a shaft to a mechanical stop.
Another type of shaft collar is called a set collar. It has a recessed area for a screw to bite into a shaft. These collars are perfect for holding sprocket hubs, bearings, and spacers. They can also be used as a rigid coupling.


When choosing a shaft collar, consider its intended application and cost. Some shaft collars are very expensive while others are quite affordable. Choose one that meets the needs of your assembly. If you’re using the shaft collar infrequently, a clamp style or a set screw style may be a better choice. Then, you can easily adjust or disassemble it with just a few tools. If you’re using it more frequently, choose a two-piece shaft collar.
The material of the shaft collar is also an important consideration. Steel and stainless steel are common choices. While both materials are strong and durable, steel tends to have better holding power. However, aluminum shaft collars are lighter and provide better strength-to-weight ratio. The type of material you choose depends on the amount of corrosion protection you need, and whether you’ll need the collar to resist extreme temperatures. If the shaft collar is going to be used in a hot environment, you may want to go with a titanium collar.
There are many different sizes and types of shaft collars. The type of collar you choose depends on the specific application and the system it’ll be used in. Consider the dimensions of your shaft, the material of the shaft, and the length of the shaft to find the right fit. If you’re not sure what size you need, ask a manufacturer for help.
Shaft Collar

Placement on shaft

In some applications, the placement of the shaft collar can be critical to the overall performance of the machine. The collar’s design must take many factors into account, including material, style, bore size, and shaft geometry. If a user is uncertain of the proper placement of their collar, they should refer to the manufacturer’s website for guidance.
While shaft collars may look simple, they’re actually essential mechanical components that are used in almost every type of machinery. Despite their ubiquitous use in every industry, they are often underappreciated due to their complexity. Many people aren’t aware of their importance or the various types of collars available. This shaft collar guide will provide detailed information to help you find the right shaft collar for your specific application.
The surface treatment of the shaft collar is another important factor that contributes to its holding power. The most common treatment is a black oxide finish. This finish enhances screw torque while preserving the frictional properties of the bore. This finish can be further optimized by applying light oil to the screw. Zinc plating is also a good option for shaft collars. This material offers better corrosion resistance, but can reduce holding power.

Clamp style

A clamp style shaft collar is a simple and effective tool for securing shafts in machine tools. Its two-piece design allows for quick and easy positioning adjustments and has greater holding power than set screw collars. In addition, its friction-based connection maintains ease of use and prevents shaft damage. This type of collar is also more corrosion resistant than set screw collars.
There are several different types of shaft collars, including single and double split collars. Single-piece clamp collars are anchored into the shaft with a single tangential screw, whereas double-piece collars are anchored to the shaft with two socket cap screws. The latter type provides more stability and axial holding power and is suitable for rotating assemblies. A single or double-piece clamp collar can also be threaded to allow for precise positioning along the shaft. Its internal threads also provide enhanced support for high axial loads and act as a positive mechanical stop.
There are different types of shaft collars, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A set-screw collar may be preferred over a clamp-style shaft collar, but it’s not the only choice. A set-screw collar can severely mar the shaft and can prevent fine adjustments. However, it is a good idea to use the torque wrench when tightening a shaft collar.

Zinc plated

Zinc plated shaft collars are available in a variety of sizes. They are precision machined from cold finished steel bar stock and zinc plated for corrosion resistance. They are also very attractive. They are made in the USA. Whether you need a zinc-plated shaft collar for a simple repair or a more complicated installation, Lovejoy has the right solution for your needs.
The CZPT MSP-12-FZ two-piece shaft collar has a 12mm bore, 28mm OD, and 11mm width. Its clamp style design allows you to easily install and remove the shaft collar. It is easily adjustable and is stamped with the CZPT name.
China Professional Roller Shutter Door Stamping Flange Bearing/Roller Bearing   wholesaler China Professional Roller Shutter Door Stamping Flange Bearing/Roller Bearing   wholesaler
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China Professional Samsr 200mm hollow shaft rotary actuator reduction hollow rotary actuator crossed roller bearing ratio 10 for 750W servo motor with Best Sales

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200mm hollow shaft rotary actuator reduction ratio 10 hollow shaft servo rotary actuators match flange 80 750W servo motor

ParameterMatch with motor Fitting for 750W Servo Motor(Flange 80)Platform Supporting Bearing Cross roller bearingAllowable torque N.m65Allowable speedrpm250(disk)Reduction ratio 1:10Rotating inertiakg.m²361220×10-7Allowable axial loadN4000Allowable the inertia torque loadN.m100Positioning accuracyarcsec±30Repeat positioning accuracyarcsec±5Rotating platform radial shakemm±0.003Rotating platform Axial shakemm±0.005Protection gradeIP40LifeH20000WeightKg10

Production Detail


Proucts Order

Model SGH60SGH85SGH130SGH200Reduction ratio 5/105/10/1510/1810/18Match with motor NEMA 42/ 50WNEM23/ 400WNEM23/ 400WNEM34/ 750WPlatform Supporting Bearing Cross roller bearingCross roller bearingCross roller bearingCross roller bearingMax Axial loadN19304800840012500Allowable torqueN.m12/7.541/2760/37115/68Allowable inertia torque N.m24/1582/54120/74230/136Allowable speed 200rpm200rpm200rpm200rpmRotating inertiakg.m² CTU3150.1 CTU3200.1 CTU3300.1 CTU3500.1 CTU PWD SLW Hydraulic Dana CZPT Riduttori Spicer transmission track drive Gearbox 4300×10-63500×10-615780×10-6108150×10-6Repeat positioning accuracyarcsec±5±5±5±5Temperature°25~9571~90 25~90Rotating platform radial shakemm0.0030.0030.003± High Torque Parallel shaft Cylindrical Gear Speed Reducer gearbox 0.003Rotating platform Axial shakemm0.0050.0050.005±0.005Protection gradeIPIP40IP40IP40IP40LifeH20571571571000WeightKg0.51.32.510/8

Packaging & Shipping

Company Informtion

1.Factory or Agent?We are Agent, but have professional R&D team as introduced in company information.

2. How about the delivery?– Sample: 1-3 days.– Bulk order: 5-20 days.

3. What is your after-sales services?1. Free maintenance within 12 months guarantee, lifetime consultant.2. Professional solutions in installation and maintence.

4. Why choose us?1. Accept customize & Steering Stem wfor CZPT Raptor 660R 01~05 5LP-23813-00-00 5LP-23813-10-00 5LP-23816-00-00 24/7 after-sale services.2. From mold customization to material processing and welding, from fine components to finished assembly,strict aging, finished product inspection.

5. Do you get the relevant certification?All products are made according to ISO9001, CE &RoHS requirements.

How to Calculate the Diameter of a Worm Gear

worm shaft
In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of the Duplex, Single-throated, and Undercut worm gears and the analysis of worm shaft deflection. Besides that, we will explore how the diameter of a worm gear is calculated. If you have any doubt about the function of a worm gear, you can refer to the table below. Also, keep in mind that a worm gear has several important parameters which determine its working.

Duplex worm gear

A duplex worm gear set is distinguished by its ability to maintain precise angles and high gear ratios. The backlash of the gearing can be readjusted several times. The axial position of the worm shaft can be determined by adjusting screws on the housing cover. This feature allows for low backlash engagement of the worm tooth pitch with the worm gear. This feature is especially beneficial when backlash is a critical factor when selecting gears.
The standard worm gear shaft requires less lubrication than its dual counterpart. Worm gears are difficult to lubricate because they are sliding rather than rotating. They also have fewer moving parts and fewer points of failure. The disadvantage of a worm gear is that you cannot reverse the direction of power due to friction between the worm and the wheel. Because of this, they are best used in machines that operate at low speeds.
Worm wheels have teeth that form a helix. This helix produces axial thrust forces, depending on the hand of the helix and the direction of rotation. To handle these forces, the worms should be mounted securely using dowel pins, step shafts, and dowel pins. To prevent the worm from shifting, the worm wheel axis must be aligned with the center of the worm wheel’s face width.
The backlash of the CZPT duplex worm gear is adjustable. By shifting the worm axially, the section of the worm with the desired tooth thickness is in contact with the wheel. As a result, the backlash is adjustable. Worm gears are an excellent choice for rotary tables, high-precision reversing applications, and ultra-low-backlash gearboxes. Axial shift backlash is a major advantage of duplex worm gears, and this feature translates into a simple and fast assembly process.
When choosing a gear set, the size and lubrication process will be crucial. If you’re not careful, you might end up with a damaged gear or one with improper backlash. Luckily, there are some simple ways to maintain the proper tooth contact and backlash of your worm gears, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. As with any gear set, proper lubrication will ensure your worm gears last for years to come.
worm shaft

Single-throated worm gear

Worm gears mesh by sliding and rolling motions, but sliding contact dominates at high reduction ratios. Worm gears’ efficiency is limited by the friction and heat generated during sliding, so lubrication is necessary to maintain optimal efficiency. The worm and gear are usually made of dissimilar metals, such as phosphor-bronze or hardened steel. MC nylon, a synthetic engineering plastic, is often used for the shaft.
Worm gears are highly efficient in transmission of power and are adaptable to various types of machinery and devices. Their low output speed and high torque make them a popular choice for power transmission. A single-throated worm gear is easy to assemble and lock. A double-throated worm gear requires two shafts, one for each worm gear. Both styles are efficient in high-torque applications.
Worm gears are widely used in power transmission applications because of their low speed and compact design. A numerical model was developed to calculate the quasi-static load sharing between gears and mating surfaces. The influence coefficient method allows fast computing of the deformation of the gear surface and local contact of the mating surfaces. The resultant analysis shows that a single-throated worm gear can reduce the amount of energy required to drive an electric motor.
In addition to the wear caused by friction, a worm wheel can experience additional wear. Because the worm wheel is softer than the worm, most of the wear occurs on the wheel. In fact, the number of teeth on a worm wheel should not match its thread count. A single-throated worm gear shaft can increase the efficiency of a machine by as much as 35%. In addition, it can lower the cost of running.
A worm gear is used when the diametrical pitch of the worm wheel and worm gear are the same. If the diametrical pitch of both gears is the same, the two worms will mesh properly. In addition, the worm wheel and worm will be attached to each other with a set screw. This screw is inserted into the hub and then secured with a locknut.

Undercut worm gear

Undercut worm gears have a cylindrical shaft, and their teeth are shaped in an evolution-like pattern. Worms are made of a hardened cemented metal, 16MnCr5. The number of gear teeth is determined by the pressure angle at the zero gearing correction. The teeth are convex in normal and centre-line sections. The diameter of the worm is determined by the worm’s tangential profile, d1. Undercut worm gears are used when the number of teeth in the cylinder is large, and when the shaft is rigid enough to resist excessive load.
The center-line distance of the worm gears is the distance from the worm centre to the outer diameter. This distance affects the worm’s deflection and its safety. Enter a specific value for the bearing distance. Then, the software proposes a range of suitable solutions based on the number of teeth and the module. The table of solutions contains various options, and the selected variant is transferred to the main calculation.
A pressure-angle-angle-compensated worm can be manufactured using single-pointed lathe tools or end mills. The worm’s diameter and depth are influenced by the cutter used. In addition, the diameter of the grinding wheel determines the profile of the worm. If the worm is cut too deep, it will result in undercutting. Despite the undercutting risk, the design of worm gearing is flexible and allows considerable freedom.
The reduction ratio of a worm gear is massive. With only a little effort, the worm gear can significantly reduce speed and torque. In contrast, conventional gear sets need to make multiple reductions to get the same reduction level. Worm gears also have several disadvantages. Worm gears can’t reverse the direction of power because the friction between the worm and the wheel makes this impossible. The worm gear can’t reverse the direction of power, but the worm moves from one direction to another.
The process of undercutting is closely related to the profile of the worm. The worm’s profile will vary depending on the worm diameter, lead angle, and grinding wheel diameter. The worm’s profile will change if the generating process has removed material from the tooth base. A small undercut reduces tooth strength and reduces contact. For smaller gears, a minimum of 14-1/2degPA gears should be used.
worm shaft

Analysis of worm shaft deflection

To analyze the worm shaft deflection, we first derived its maximum deflection value. The deflection is calculated using the Euler-Bernoulli method and Timoshenko shear deformation. Then, we calculated the moment of inertia and the area of the transverse section using CAD software. In our analysis, we used the results of the test to compare the resulting parameters with the theoretical ones.
We can use the resulting centre-line distance and worm gear tooth profiles to calculate the required worm deflection. Using these values, we can use the worm gear deflection analysis to ensure the correct bearing size and worm gear teeth. Once we have these values, we can transfer them to the main calculation. Then, we can calculate the worm deflection and its safety. Then, we enter the values into the appropriate tables, and the resulting solutions are automatically transferred into the main calculation. However, we have to keep in mind that the deflection value will not be considered safe if it is larger than the worm gear’s outer diameter.
We use a four-stage process for investigating worm shaft deflection. We first apply the finite element method to compute the deflection and compare the simulation results with the experimentally tested worm shafts. Finally, we perform parameter studies with 15 worm gear toothings without considering the shaft geometry. This step is the first of four stages of the investigation. Once we have calculated the deflection, we can use the simulation results to determine the parameters needed to optimize the design.
Using a calculation system to calculate worm shaft deflection, we can determine the efficiency of worm gears. There are several parameters to optimize gearing efficiency, including material and geometry, and lubricant. In addition, we can reduce the bearing losses, which are caused by bearing failures. We can also identify the supporting method for the worm shafts in the options menu. The theoretical section provides further information.

China Professional Samsr 200mm hollow shaft rotary actuator reduction hollow rotary actuator crossed roller bearing ratio 10 for 750W servo motor  with Best SalesChina Professional Samsr 200mm hollow shaft rotary actuator reduction hollow rotary actuator crossed roller bearing ratio 10 for 750W servo motor  with Best Sales

Rust price made in China – replacement parts – in Bobo-Dioulasso Burkina Faso Proof Sliding Shower Door Room Roller Stainless Steel Ball Bearing 625 RS with top quality

Rust  price  made in China - replacement parts -  in Bobo-Dioulasso Burkina Faso  Proof Sliding Shower Door Room Roller Stainless Steel Ball Bearing 625 RS with top quality

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 different branches. For a lot more specifics: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

ru EPT evidence sliding shower doorway area roller stainless metal  ball bearing 625 RS 

Name: ru EPT evidence sliding shower doorway place roller stainless steel  ball bearing 625 RS 
Product No.: 625ZZ
Resources: Carbon steel,chrome steel or stainless metal (EPT offered)
Bearing size: five*16*5MM
Seal sort: Open,sealed(Z,ZZ,RS,2RS)
Weight: Can be opetion
MOQ: 5000pcs
Precision: ABEC-5,-7,-9,-eleven
Clearance: C0,C2,C3,C4,C5 
Layout: YCZCO,OEM,ODM is satisfactory
Application: Window/doorway/wardrobe/cabinet/activity products/toys
Package: Industrial packing or in accordance to buyers’ prerequisite
Payment: A:one hundred%TT
B:30% T/T in advance,70% harmony prior to shipment
Features: (1)Prolonged-daily life with high high quality
(2)Reduced-noise with strict controlling
(3)Higher-load ,substantial-technical design
(4)Competitive price, which is mo EPT useful
(5)EPT provider presented, to satisfy the buyers requirements

bearing company sequence which includes : sixty sequence , sixty two series, 68 series, 69 collection.
60 series bearing size 

Bearings  Amount Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
604 zz or rs 4 12 four .2
605 zz or rs 5 fourteen 5 .two
606 zz or rs six seventeen six .three
607 zz or rs 7 19 six .three
608 zz or rs eight 22 seven .3
609 zz or rs nine 24 7 .three
6000 zz or rs ten 26 8 .3
6001 zz or rs 12 28 eight .3
6002 zz or rs  15 32 nine .three
6003 zz or rs seventeen 35 10 .3

68 series bearing size 

Bearing quantity Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
683 zz ors rs 3 seven two .15
684 zz or rs 4 nine 2.five .two
685 zz or rs five eleven 3 .2
686 zz or rs 6 thirteen five .two
687 zz or rs seven fourteen 5 .two
688 zz or rs 8 16 five .3
689 zz or rs nine 17 five .3
6803 zz or rs 17 26 5 .three
6807 zz or rs 35 47 7 .three
6808 zz or rs forty 52 seven .three
6810 zz or rs fifty sixty five seven .three
6811 zz or rs fifty five seventy two nine .5

69 series bearing size 

Bearings amount Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
693  zz or rs three 8 four .fifteen
694  zz or rs four eleven 4 .fifteen
695  zz or rs 5 13 four .2
696  zz or rs 6 15 5 .2
697  zz or rs seven 17 5 .2
698  zz or rs 8 19 six .three
699   zz or rs nine 20 six .3
6900  zz or rs 10 22 six .5
6901  zz or rs twelve 24 6 .5
6902  zz or rs 15 28 7 .five
6903  zz or rs seventeen 30 7 .5
6904  zz or rs twenty 37 nine .five
6905  zz or rs 25 forty two nine .five
6906  zz or rs thirty forty seven 9 .3
6907  zz or rs 35 fifty five ten .six

62 sequence types bearing size 

Bearings Amount Bore O.D Width Chamfer
mm mm mm mm
623 zz or rs 3 10 four .15
624 zz or rs four 13 five .two
625 zz or rs five 16 5 .three
626 zz or rs six 19 6 .3
627 zz or rs seven 22 seven .3
628 zz or rs 8 24 8 .3
629 zz or rs 9 26 eight .3
6200 zz or rs 10 thirty 9 .6
6201 zz or rs 12 32 ten .6
6202 zz or rs 15 35 11 .six
6203 zz or rs 17 forty twelve .six
6204 zz or rs twenty forty seven 14 one.
6205  zz or rs 25 52 fifteen one.
6206 zz or rs 30 sixty two 16 1.
6207 zz or rs  35 72 seventeen one.one
6209 zz or rs forty five eighty five 19 1.one

the above bearing size merchandise for standard deep groove ball bearing, we also can EPT diverse non common bearing dimension in accordance to customer request, drawing and sample is welcome.

The merchandise from YCZCO are primarily utilized for sliding doorway, sliding window, toy, fishing gear, wire rope, truck curtain, supermarket trolley, sport products, upper body, shower space, funiture and elevator door.


YCZCO is a 1-end supplier of miniature bearing and roller, is the mo EPT total business group of production company. Very own model YCZCO and patent technology, has the plentiful research and growth crew, from the structure layout, mildew manufacturing, appearance style, and EPT fields are concentrated the industry’s mo EPT excellent specialized staff. 

YCZCO has establish the perfect R&D venture administration system, in addition to the investigation and style capability continually boost style variety, in these kinds of aspect as application of new supplies, new engineering also accrued more investigation and improvement, in the business leading phase by phase. Shell out attention to the advanced foreign technologies in domestic all varieties of merchandise and generation technological innovation, the software of details gleaned from the latest  merchandise.

Huge-scale creation, to guarantee Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis. potent items source and distribute capabilities, can be in time for the general buyers and customers to give the needed products.

YCZCO have 4 factories, one particular is found in ZheJiang province, one particular is found in ZheJiang province, EPT are located in ZheJiang g province, the staff are above 200pcs.

Stick to are the devices in our factory:


No. Device identify Amount
1 Lathe device 316 sets
two grinder machine 246 sets
3 assemble device a hundred sets
four clean device fifteen sets
5 injection equipment 15 sets
six vibration meter thirteen sets
seven hardness tester two sets


Our Services:

one).1 stop supply for bearing & roller , 16 years experienced expert deep groove ball bearing and sliding roller  with expert design and style team and complex
     quality control crew,offer substantial-stop support

two).All sorts of content for your reference
bearing : iron, carbon metal, chrome steel, stainless metal, brass……
roller : pom (Dupont ),nylon,PA sixty six,PA66+fibre glass,PU,TUR,Ab muscles.ect…..

three).Customized dimensions ,substance and  color can be available

4).Free professional shop drawings and answers can be presented

five). OEM are offered

6).ten years experienced professional sales crew provider for you before and soon after sale

seven).3rd celebration manufacturing facility inspection,high good quality and fantastic workmanship certain

8).Decide up and send out again cost-free and welcome to check out our company

1. Are we the dealer?
NO, We are the skilled maker in ball bearing and sliding roller above 16 several years.

2. Where you can find us? 
factory 1 

No,eleven.Gaosha  development zone, Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis.cun,Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis., Danzhao city,Xihu (We EPT Lake) Dis. district, HangZhou town,ZheJiang province, China.

factory 2: 

manufacturing unit 3 : 
No11, Liyuan,Saiqi town,Fuan town, ZheJiang g province,China. 

three. Payment Phrases: 
TT, DP,once again EPT BL or L/C

four. Drawing:
We have our expert layout group. Solutions like solutions,style,measurement, 
set up can be presented by us in AutoC EPT /PDF approaches.

5 . Warranty:
One particular calendar year again EPT producing defect, supply life span consultation on difficulties happened.

YCZCO have been making bearing & roller for 17 a long time, attended the Canton Reasonable and EPT oversea bearing or roller exhibition each and every 12 months, our items are bought to all more than the world.

We are would really like to perform with you! 

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears factory in China with 5 diverse branches. For much more information: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of authentic tools manufacturer’s (OEM) part quantities or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our firm and the listed alternative elements contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or made by the OEM.

Rust  price  made in China - replacement parts -  in Bobo-Dioulasso Burkina Faso  Proof Sliding Shower Door Room Roller Stainless Steel Ball Bearing 625 RS with top quality

Rust  price  made in China - replacement parts -  in Bobo-Dioulasso Burkina Faso  Proof Sliding Shower Door Room Roller Stainless Steel Ball Bearing 625 RS with top quality