China Standard Planetary Cone-Disk Variator near me supplier

★ Compact structure, small volume and light weight
★ High Strength, with a stable performance, precise transimit and sufficient strength, Without Recoil force.
★ Large Range of speed viriation, ranges within 5, I,e, Ratio can be varied between 1:4.5 to 1:7.25
★ High precision of speed regulation can up to 0.5~1 turns
★ Stable Performance: All of Transmit parts are meticulously treated with special heat treatment.
Resulting in good contact and lubrication, stable performance, low noise and long time service.
★ Strong Capability of combination: Can be combined with various reducers to realize low-speed stageless variation.

Technical Data
★ Ratio Range: 5 (Higher Ratio can be met upon request)
★ Input Power: 0.18~7.5
★ Output Speed Range: 5
★ Allowable Torque Range: ≤118N.m